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Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno

Once again Best in the Desert put on the point to point longest off-road race in America, beginning in Beatty, NV ending 545 miles in Dayton, NV. The course included everything imaginable from sand to rocks to wash-outs to high speed rollers, cliffs, and everything in between. Sam had made several changes to his transmission and clutch set ups to increase the durability of the car. When testing at Barstow he was happy with the performance of the car. We loaded her up and headed to Vegas for qualifying.Image

The location of the qualifying course was supposed to be top secret. In a way it was, but it was in the same area they usually qualify out by the Apex. BITD did create a new track, which no one had ran before. Sam and his Team had discussed how he should go about running this time trial and decided to run it a little conservative to save the car for the long grueling race to Reno. We were hoping to land in the top 10 or 15th spot. He was successful at getting the 14th position. Sam and Team Margarita were happy with their spot and how they would proceed with the upcoming race.Image Come Friday we did not have our full crew but we had enough to cover all the pits along the way by leapfrogging each other. Lou and Lil Don headed for pit one, while Don and Ellen went to pit two, Brian, Rusty, Chelsey, Troy, and Brian’s cousin Phil all went to pit three.


Bob and Lois stayed at the start line with the hauler, and saw Sam off at the start. Sam was being conservative at the beginning of the race and letting the race come to him through the first three check points where he had unofficially moved up to 8th position. At pit four, Goldfield, everyone congregated for a fuel stop and checked the car over. This fuel stop was almost flawless, 3 dump cans of fuel, quick drink of Gatorade and Sam was on his way in 60 seconds. That was a hundred and fifty-five miles into the race. Things went real smooth, Sam was working his way up, at one point they had him second overall, first in class. Things were looking good until he had a flat which Sam changed in 5 minutes out on the course. Sam stopped at pit eight to exchange his flat for another spare, which cost him another thirty seconds and he proceeded on to Redlich where his whole crew was there to fuel him again. The team got him out in 55 seconds ahead of a couple of front runners. Sam again was working his way up to the front with a little of help from others having issues as well.


Somewhere between pit ten and pit twelve Sam was following a quad for quite a distance and went to pass it when his left rear tire struck a very large rock. He wiggled the car and assumed that everything was okay back there but after about seventy miles at mile marker 440 while going through the high speed whoops in fourth gear, that left rear wheel and trailing arm left the car and sent Sam out into the desert on a wild ride. Bob and Lois were the only ones that heard him call that we were done, just outside of Yerington. They headed back to alert the rest of the crew of the situation. Sam just so happened to be in the middle of nowhere. Lou Baker, who has traveled all these back roads, because he is a heavy equipment field mechanic, had a good idea of where he might be. He led us in on a dirt road, about twenty to twenty five miles in where we were able to get to Sam’s car and patch it up and drag him out and into the hauler.


Thank you Lou! Otherwise it could have been an all -nighter for Sam, before the BITD crew could have pulled him out. As for the car we were very pleased with how it was performing up until this point, but as they say, that’s racing!

As always, we would like to thank our sponsors for all their help and even the ones behind the scenes that don’t always get recognized for keeping Sam and Team Margarita on the track. See you in October at the Parker short course!


HDRA ELDORADO RENO 500 7/11-13/13

Sam Berri with Don and Ellen Karraker and Bob Martin made the trek over the pass to Reno recently for the 2nd Annual HDRA Eldorado Reno 500, joined by the rest of Team Margarita-Rusty and Chelsey Wise of Factory Ride, Donald Grove, Lou and Alex Baker, Brian Hamilton and Troy. The tireless efforts of Sam to prepare his car for racing gave him the confidence he needed to battle the competition. The prep that began at the shop continued with pre-running. After running a lap around the course, it became clear that rocks and the ability to make clean passes were going to be an issue. The Goodyear Tires that are on the Jimco are the best and toughest tires in the world and have not let Sam down.
Thursday, qualifying began at 1 pm, with a swoosh of the Monster Girl’s green flag and Sam was off and finished with a 2nd place only bested by BJ Baldwin with the Monster Truck. 

On Friday Team Margarita attended the all day car show and tech inspection in downtown Reno on historic Virginia St. The Team participated in the Pit Crew Challenge taking fourth place. Factory Ride Clothing also had a booth set up for the Dirt Live Expo and enjoyed mingling with locals, racers, and visitors of Reno.

When the green flag dropped on race day, Sam focused on balancing being smart and being fast early in the race. He knew that if he stayed close to BJ Baldwin he would be able to pass him in the first twenty miles, since as Baldwin had to make a short pit stop. Sam was able to take the lead and everything was going his way with the clean air and a good pace. Image

As he was coming around to finish the first lap in the infield, where the spectators could watch, Sam pulled off the track and got on the radio and said I think we lost the transmission or the clutch. As it turned out he lost the clutch. What started out as a very exciting day turned out to be very disappointing in a heartbeat. But don’t give up hope yet race fans, Sam has been doing a lot of research and talking to his sponsors and he’s come up with a brand new clutch set up, which we hope will alleviate these problems. 
Sam and Team Margarita are proud to represent the finest companies and products in off-road racing, including:  Jimco Racing, King Off-Road Shocks, Slime, Goodyear Tires, R& E Fasteners, K & N Filters, Howe Performance, Factory Ride Race Attire. 
Sam would like to say a big thank you to Dave Homen Photography for all the great photos taken throughout the year.

Prairie City Round 2

Prairie City Round 2
April 20-21, 2013
Well the Factory Ride Racing crew is at it again. With a few repairs and upgrades needed after last years’ Fallon night 250 race, they headed to Prairie City OHV Park this past weekend for round two of the VORRA short course series.
 photo PC22013115_zpse82b0834.jpg
Jake and Jessica Povey, Rusty and Chelsey Wise, and Donald Grove left Sparks Saturday morning and made tech inspection around 1130 am. Driver Jake Povey, co-driver Rusty Wise, and the 1402 truck made it through tech great with no issues. After that it was time for prep, drivers meeting and practice. The drivers meeting was at 330pm and after getting the run down Jake and new co-driver BJ Butcher hit the track for some practice. The boys knocked out a few laps with no issues and even managed to get fastest lap time in practice. Up next was qualifying Jake strapped back in and fellow 10 car driver Tristan Butcher strapped into the truck for a new perspective. After much suspense the lap times were posted and Jake in the 1402 truck received a second place start just behind Don German and followed by Steve Laroza. All three trucks were less than 8/10 of a second apart.

Prairie City Round Two – 2 from jessica povey on Vimeo.

After a night of fun with friends, the crew got ready for morning practice. Jake and long time co-driver Rusty Wise loaded up and hit the track. The boys made some laps and got the truck warmed up and ready to race. The truck was running great and with the national anthem sung and the motors revving Jake and Rusty lined up in the front inside position for the start of the first Moto. When the green flag was dropped the Germans pulled to the front position, with Jake in a close second. Jake stayed in the second spot the entire first Moto. Jake made multiple attempts at the lead in the corner sections but the Germans had the speed in the straights, and managed to pull away to keep the lead.

Prairie City Round Two-1 from jessica povey on Vimeo.

With the first Moto over the boys headed to the pits, after a brief break the boys were out lining up for the second Moto, with the qualifying positions inverted, leaving Jake Povey and the Germans to start at the back of the pack and work their way to the front. With the rolling start Jake and the Germans made their way to the first corner fighting for the second and third positions. As they made their way to the first straight the Germans took the lead followed by the NorCal team and Jake in a close third. As the Moto continued the Germans held the lead with the NorCal team and Jake fighting for second, despite his speed and a little bit of bumping and fender rubbing Jake’s numerous efforts to pass were in vain and he finished in the third position.
 photo PC2201376_zps79de3a92.jpg
With the arrival of the lunch break came two more of the Factory Ride Racing team, Adam Shreve and Austin Tischler who arrived just in time to change the rear tires to new set for better grip on the track in the last Moto and give the truck a good check over. The 1402 truck was given the ok and headed to line up for the third and final Moto. Lining up in the order of finishing positions of the second Moto, Jake started in the third place, outside second row position. Within the first lap Jake quickly passed the NorCal team to take the second spot position, which he held for the rest of the Moto. Once again like the first Moto of the day the 1402 truck tried to catch the Germans in the lead position. Repeatedly the 1402 truck could out corner the Germans truck but they managed to pull away in the straights. With the Germans finishing the Moto in first and Jake finishing less than half a second behind and the NorCal taking the third place position.
With the final results posted the Group T racers headed for the award ceremony with the Germans taking the top spot, Jake Povey in the 1402 Factory Ride Racing truck taking second place and the NorCal team taking third. With another great weekend of racing the Factory Ride team headed back to Sparks, NV to get ready for the Yerington desert race on memorial weekend. Come out and join us for another great weekend in the desert!
 photo PC22013182_zpsd3a2ae6d.jpg
 photo favorites_zps504b09fc.jpg
We would like to say a few thanks to all the great people who make this possible for us:
VORRA and all their many wonderful volunteers, Alchemy R&D, SAMCO Fab, Twisted Metal, Fibercraft, Bayshore Drivelines, and all of our friends and families who make this happen.

VORRA Fallon 250 Night Race

ImageFactory Ride Racing’s Jake Povey 1402 competed at the VORRA Fallon 250 on Saturday night and early Sunday morning, September 8-9th. The race started at 7 pm and was six laps, clockwise around the notorious Fallon track. Nerves were high as motors began to roar and competitors headed towards Start/Finish. 1402 Jake Povey lined up 5th out of 9 in class T, with Ryan Brown as his Co-driver. 



Povey looked epic off the start, but had some minor problems on the first lap. The 408 Winsor small block Ford motor began to run hot, and they also got a flat in between pit 2 and 3. Lue Baker was ready for the tire change at pit 3 and sent Povey and Brown on there way to Main Pit. Main’s crew was raring to do work as they anticipated the first pit stop of the night. Everyone at Factory Ride Racing’s Main pit had their own specific job and completed it flawlessly. Donald Grove directed Povey and Brown into the pit, Josh Ogg retarded the timing on the Ford, Jessica Povey torqued the driver’s side rear tire, Katelynn Wiltshire gave the guys water, and everyone checked over the truck. 



After a smooth pit stop, Povey started throwing down approximately 54 minute lap times. Povey completed his second and third laps with no problems, and pulled into Factory Ride Racing’s Main pit for fuel and a co-driver change before he started his fourth lap. Donald Grove directed the guys in, Josh Ogg got in the co-driver seat, Katelynn Wiltshire helped Ogg buckle up and get situated in the truck, and Tyler Thomas and Rusty Wise dumped fuel. Jessica Povey checked the truck over and found the driver’s side main seal leaking on the rear end. Ryan Brown checked to see if the leak was bad enough to end the race, and deemed it race-able. After finishing another smooth pit stop, Povey and Ogg took off on the fourth lap of the race. 

Povey began to finish laps consistently, and moved up quickly through his class. He was kicking ass the last time he passed Main, and had moved up to third over all and second in class. The Factory Ride Racing team was completely stoked as he passed to start the last lap of the race. As Povey and Ogg drove off into the dark desert in the distance, the team began to relax and feel a sense of pride. Approximately ten minutes later Povey came on the radio calling main pit. Povey reported that the ring and pinion had broke and that they were stuck out near mile 5. The news was shocking and caught the whole team off-guard. It was a devastating way to end the race, but unfortunately that’s racing… ya never know when your rear end might blow out. 

Over all, Factory Ride Racing’s Jake Povey 1402 drove incredibly and put out a valiant effort during the entire race. Factory Ride Racing’s pit crew and co-drivers also did a kick ass job, and the whole team should be proud of what was accomplished at the VORRA Fallon 250 Night Race.